Great success for Parma Soccer School USA in Miami
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Great success for Parma Soccer School USA in Miami. The academy built by Francesco Esposito in Florida is collecting daily results in many and prestigious American tournaments. Our U10 team was able to win the Pompano Beach Tournament that had more than 40 teams and this victory permitted them to compete in the Orlando Disney World Cup. More over they succeeded in winning the Tree Lakes Park Tournament after a thrilling final against the Coral Gables Toros.

The U12 team achieved the same glory thanks to the victory of the Miami Lakes Tournament after having defeated the team of Key Biscayne with the score of 1-0. To become champions the U12 team was also able to win against Boca Juniors (3-2) and Weston (3-1).

Last but not least, the U9 team that is renowned as the unbeatable team in all Miami.

All Parma Football Club is enthusiastic about the great success that PSS USA is having in Florida where, thanks to continuous interchange between Parma and Miami, we are developing new projects to consolidate even more the results we are still getting. Parma Soccer School USA is going to develop the Try Out 2013 in which new American kids will have the chance to stake his own chance of wearing the Parma FC’s t-shirt in the United States.

In the photo, the players of the Under 10 team: Ryan Gombo, Aran Perez, Ian Nunez, Estefan Anzola, Alejandro Vela, Diego Vivanco, Lucas Diaz, Alejandro Herrera e Amarì.

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