Tardini Stadium

Name: Ennio Tardini

Address: Viale Partigiani d'Italia, 1 – 43123 Parma
Built in 1923
Restructured 1990-1993
Total seats capacity: 23.045

Capacity per sector:

Petitot Grand Stand: 7.178 seats
East Stand; 2.635 seats
North Stand: 6.500 seats
South Stand (Away Sector): 2.500 seats
South Stand: 2.199 seats (at the present not available).
Disabled area: 80 seats + 80 companions

Roofed: Petitot Stand and  East Stand.

Together with the Collecchio Sports Centre, the Ennio Tardini Stadium represents the heart of Parma FC, as home of the fans. Mr Ennio Tardini, a lawyer, initiated the stadium construction and the works ended in 1923 after his death, hence the place was named to commemorate the lawyer's memory.

The Stadium underwent several reconstructions through the past decades, gaining a wide seats capability only at the end of the 80s. The modern structure goes together with the Parma FC sporting achievements.

The Petitot Stand complex was has also been used as the headquarter of the club until the inauguration of the new office structure at Collecchio in 2012.

In 1990 the Petitot Tribune was totally restructured, with new Vip and Press areas, combining modern requirements with the original Tribune facade style. Thanks to an agreement with Parma Municipality, Parma FC is in charge of the stadium management since 2002, gaining the possibility of providing new services for the benefit of both Parma citizens and Parma FC fans.

In the stadium, with the entrance towards the piazza in front of the stadium, is also the new Parma Store, where the official Parma FC merchandise can be bought.

The security activities of the stadium are managed by S.T.S. (Stadium Total Service).